I am an electronic music producer, composer and sound designer. Some of my selected work can be found below.

Smarter Travel campaign ad

Part of a student project. We were to create an ad for Limerick’s Smarter Travel communication campaign (http://www.smartertravel.ie/). I composed and mixed the score.

Through Woods student short film

A collaboration with director Sean O’Donoghue for his B.Sc’s final year project. I composed and mixed the music score.

Hostiles (single from Ashpool’s debut EP Analogue Conspiracy)

Under the moniker Ashpool, I compose synthwave music. Hostiles is the single of my debut EP Analogue Conspiracy, released on Retro Reverb Records on November 2020:
Sean O’Donoghue, who I collaborated with before (see work above) wrote and directed the music video.

Nightside (from Subtopia’s debut EP Nightside)

Subtopia is my ambient/electronica side-project. I released my debut EP, Nightside, on June 2019. I put together this video for the EP’s homonymous track using NASA’s footage.

Blade Runner 2049 sound experiment

A soundtrack rework of the opening scene of the Blade Runner 2049 movie. This was a student exercise as part of my BSc. in Music Technology and Production.

Inscapes – a collection of ambient/cinematic tracks

Tracks were created over the last few years. They were designed as potential sound cues for films.

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